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% Mgo Determination Free Essays

Vu Ngo % MgO Determination September 10, 2012 Procedure: Reference to lab manual Data: Mass of Na2EDTA†¢2H2O, g| . 9289| Standardization of EDTA Solution | Trial 1| Trial 2| Final buret perusing, EDTA (mL)| 18. 5| 36. We will compose a custom exposition test on % Mgo Determination or then again any comparable subject just for you Request Now 7| Initial buret perusing, EDTA(mL)| 0. 5| 18. 5| Determination of % MgO of Unknown Number | 4J| | Sample 1| Sample 2| Sample 3| Mass of test (g)| 0. 2135| 0. 2132| 0. 2139| Final buret perusing, EDTA (mL)| 73. 5| 74. 2| 74. 2| Initial buret perusing, EDTA(mL)| 0. 5| 0| Measurement of water clear Final buret perusing, EDTA(mL)| 14. 5| Initial buret perusing, EDTA(mL)| 14. 2| Sample Calculation: Given: Molar mass of Na2EDTA*2H2O, g/mol| 372. 25| Expected M of EDTA arrangement, mol/L (M)| 0. 01| Concentration of Zn2+, (M)| 0. 0125| 10mL*1L1000mL= 0. 01L C1V1=C2V2 .0125M. 010L)=C2(. 018L) C2=. 0125M*. 0100L. 0180L=. 00694M .00694M+. 0687M2=. 00691M C2=. 00691M. 073=5. 04*10-4mol %MgO=5. 04*10-4mol40. 05. 2135g*100=9. 51% Results: Standardization of EDTA Solution | Trial 1| Trial 2| Volume utilized, EDTA(mL)| 18. 0| 18. 2| Molarity of EDTA arrangement, (M)| 0. 00694| 0. 00687| Average Molarity of EDTA arrangement, (M)| 0. 00691| Determination of % MgO of Unknown | Sample 1| Sample 2| Sample 3| Volume utilized, EDTA (mL)| 73. | 74. 2| 74. 2| Mole of Mg2+in sample| 5. 04E-04| 5. 12E-04| 5. 12E-04| % of MgO in test, %| 9. 52| 9. 69| 9. 66| Average % of MgO in test, %| 9. 62| Error Analysis: The estimation of the example in gram, have +/ - . 0001g blunder. The estimation utilizing the buret have a +/ - . 1mL mistake. These kinds of estimation mistake depend on the affectability of the instrument, during the estimation. These mistakes could make the outcome go amiss from the genuine answer. During the analysis, utilizing titration to discover the end point. In light of the end point was obscure, a solitary drop could decide its end point. There may be an additional drop that made the information fluctuate as the two pieces of the trial have decided. The main preliminary of both the examination, the number is unique, in light of the uncertain number of drops. Utilizing the outcome from the primary preliminary, the aftereffect of the subsequent preliminary was increasingly precise. As demonstrated from the test of assurance of percent of MgO of the obscure. The example 2 and test 3 testing brings about comparability that contrast from the example one. The example utilized 73. 0 ml of the EDTA arrangement, while the two examples 2 and 3 utilized 74. 2 ml of EDTA arrangement. This will cause a tip in the outcome toward a lower number used to discover the end point. This mistake is certainly not a main consideration since it is just of my 1. 2 ml of the genuine outcome. The percent of each of the three aftereffect of MgO is diverse under 1 percent unique. In this manner, a truly sensible outcome in every one of the three of the test. Conversation: This analysis is to assist us with understanding the response between an anion and the metal cation. It exhibited the Lewis base comprehension of ethylenediaminetetraacetic corrosive (EDTA). The objective was accomplished through titration of the example in numerous preliminaries so as to discover its endpoint. The end point was discovered when the pink tinge, due to EBT was included, transform into a blue/violet shading. This connoted its endpoint of the example. The outcome is acceptable quality, due to the deviation from the principal preliminary and last preliminary that was done on a similar example. The outcome is off by . 2ml in the normalization of EDTA arrangement. In the second piece of the assurance of % MgO of the obscure; the principal, second, and third example the rate dislodges is well under 1% contrast. The outcome is worth 99% sure that the outcome is acceptable quality, as a result of the consistency of the information. The most effective method to refer to % Mgo Determination, Papers

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How to Refinish Hardwood Floors Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Step by step instructions to Refinish Hardwood Floors - Research Paper Example A few stories become meager when they have been restored a great deal of times in light of the fact that after various revamping, there is no layer left on it to be evacuated. Along these lines, before restoring, consider whether your floor is in acceptable condition to sand. 2. Mastermind the Equipment. Get a belt sander in the event that you can in light of the fact that it is simpler to deal with. Drum sander isn't just heavier to convey yet additionally it is well-suited to make grooves on the wood which are difficult to evacuate. An edge sander should likewise be promptly accessible to reach in alcoves and corners of the room where a belt sander doesn't reach without any problem. Other hardware that you need is a clay blade, scrubber, cushion, wellbeing veils, eye assurance, brush, and froth tools. 3. Set up the floor for sanding by evacuating all furnishings, heat meshes, rugs, and old nails. Mop the floor since it must be dust cleaned before sanding. Try not to go for wood clay on delicate floors since profound gouges and splits in delicate woods would require supplanting entire boards. 5. Begin sanding from the least observable region to get simple with the sander. Concentrate. Spot the sander forward and sand alongside the floor’s grain. Begin sanding near the dividers, sanding the two advances and in reverse. Beginning sanding will just expel the layer of old completion. Utilize the edge sander to arrive at the territories the belt sander had not reached. A drum sander will have a 20-36 coarseness paper in it now. 6. Sand once more, moving in reverse, forward, left and right movement. It will evacuate the scratches that the first sanding left on the floor. This time, a drum sander ought to have a 80 coarseness paper. Select a fitting bearing relying on the look and feel. The edge sander should likewise have a 80 coarseness paper in it. 8. Pick a completion. Polyurethane stain which is either water-based or oil-based, or Osmo Hard Wax Oil, is utilized typically. The completion can be gleaming or matte. Silk finish is favored on the grounds that it is known to shroud the imperfections

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How to Write the Tulane Supplement 2019-2020 TKG

How to Write the Tulane Supplement 2019-2020 Tulane is a private research university in New Orleans, Louisiana. Just over 8,500 undergraduates attend the school and the average class size is 21 students. Tulane is hugely involved with the community in New Orleans, and service work is an academic requirement. Tulane’s acceptance rate has been dropping rapidly over the past few years. Last year, it was 13%.  Before we begin, we have three bones to pick with Tulane’s supplement. The first prompt is not optional. That’s a trap. There is no such thing as an optional prompt for a school with a 13% acceptance rate. They just want some people to think that so they have a bigger applicant pool. And @Tulane, saying this prompt is “optional” is a pretty obvious and transparent way to juice your numbers. If we’re wrong, please send us the percentage of students accepted who did not write this supplement. The range of the first prompt is 50-800 words. We called the school to ask about the ridiculously wide range, and they said that they want to give students “as much or as little room as possible to express themselves.” It’s completely unfair to do this to teenagers. Our advice to Tulane is to cut the range and provide a word count. 800 words is longer than the common app essay, and suggesting that you can write that much is anxiety inducing for students. We suggest a response of around 500 words for our clients. It’s enough to get your point across (wrapped up in a story about yourself,) and should cut out all of the unnecessary findings you’re stretching to make relevant. Tulane has a hidden supplement. It’s in the activities section. Can schools please start putting all of the supplemental questions under the “Writing” section?  Anyway… the two prompts are broken down below: Please describe why you are interested in attending Tulane University (optional). 50-800 words.Again, not optional.This “Why Tulane” prompt is very straightforward. Your response should include: Your intended major Two upper level courses you want to takeA professor you’d like to work with An extracurricular activity you’d like to joinSOMETHING ABOUT NEW ORLEANS (More on this later) Start by looking at the list of majors available at Tulane. They have a lot. Pick a major that makes sense within the context of the rest of your application, so look at courses that you’ve done well in during high school and find something that aligns with that. You can’t say that you’re undecided because Tulane needs to balance their class, and they want to know that you have a plan. Let’s say that you pick Art History because you’ve done well in Art, worked at a gallery, and did an art focused summer program last year. Then look at the course catalogue and find two upper level courses (2000-3000) that you want to take. Skip over the introductory level courses because those are not Tulane specific. Don’t just name the courses, explain why you want to take them. Perhaps you read an interestin g book or can relate it to course work or job/internship experience. Next, find a professor whose work and/or research you find interesting. Pitch yourself as their next research assistant by telling them how you’re familiar with an area within their expertise. You now need to consider how you’ll be spending your time outside of the classroom. Tulane has over 200 student organizations, so look at their clubs and activities. You’re searching for something that is an extension of what you’ve done in high school. Once you get in, you can join any club you want. But for now, you need to find something that meshes well with the picture you’ve painted of yourself with the rest of your application.  You can’t submit a Tulane application without talking about New Orleans. The city and the school are deeply intertwined, and not mentioning the school’s setting in your supplement would look like a complete oversight on your end. Of course, this part is easier to write if you’v e visited the school. If not, Google is your best friend. Look into the ways in which Tulane is associated with New Orleans (there are a lot) and find something that speaks to you. You just did a lot of research. Congrats! Now look at your findings. Compare it to the list at the top of this document to make sure you have everything. Your next task is to tell a story about yourself with your Tulane facts weaved throughout. The goal is to prove that there is a strong link between your interests and Tulane’s offerings. This goes back to the original question: If you can study Art History anywhere, why Tulane? Think about your origin story, which is a story about how your academic interests came to fruition. Maybe there was a project or extracurricular activity you did that was the impetus for applying to Tulane. Whatever you choose, make sure that the story has a beginning, middle, and end. And remember, cap it around 500 words. Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences. (250 words)The second (and hidden) supplement requires no research. Tulane wants another glimpse into your life. The best way to go about this question is to think about meaningful work or extracurricular activity related experiences that you’ve had. The key word here is meaningful. Don’t write about what you think sounds most impressive. Again, both answers (work or extracurricular) should come in the form of a story with a beginning, middle, and end. If you’re writing about work, think about memorable days on the job. Why do they stick out in your mind? Tell them the story of that day. The job that you choose to write about can be literally anything. If you’ve never had a job or would prefer to write about an extracurricular, make sure that you’re writing about activity that you cared about for longer than a day. You should be really committed to it and passionate about it. Tell them a story that you think exemplifies what it’s like to be a member of X club. Researching can be overwhelming, but we can help. Contact us here if you’re lost in the sauce.

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Difference Between Martin Luther King Jr. And Malcolm X

Difference in Approaches Between Martin Luther King Jr.and Malcolm X During the Civil Rights Movement, African Americans, both men and women, fought for basic human rights and opportunities that should have never been taken from them in the first place. These were rights that every being was born with, so it was a very frustrating and exhausting situation to be demanding to be viewed as an equal in a society that thought otherwise. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X were two of the most prominent figures during the Civil Rights Era who died for equality and Freedom. While Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X fought towards the same goal in mind, they had drastically different approaches to get to a solution. King’s approach mainly focused on love and religion. He did not view love as a weakness like others may have. In fact, he believed that it took courage and strength to love. The white citizens, government officials, and police force during this time expressed a great amount of hate towards African Americans. Police dogs bit unarmed and nonviolent African Americans and the police themselves attacked them with slurs and physical force. Food was also denied on several occasions. Not to mention, the segregation of schools and restaurants. It took strength to love their enemies and forgive what has been done; however it did not mean that they would forget. When you love, you are distancing yourself from hate and creating a space for growth. King believed that they neededShow MoreRelatedDifferences and Similarities Between Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.866 Words   |  4 Pagesyou   compare   Martin   Luther   King   and   Malcolm   X,   you   will   knowà ‚   instantly   that   this   is   true.   There   are   many   differences   between   the   two,   apart   from   the   striking   one:   that   Martin   Luther   King   was   a   very good   statesmen   who   delivered   moving   speeches   about   peace,   freedom   and   democracy   while   Malcolm   X   was   a   known   eradicator   of   those   who   were   not   of   the   superior   white   race.   The   beliefs   of   Martin   Luther   King   and   Malcolm   X   may   stem   from  Read MoreSimilarities And Differences Between Martin Luther King Jr And Malcolm X1191 Words   |  5 PagesEven after almost fifty-years, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X endure as cherished, powerful, and instrumental leaders in the Civil Rights Movement. Although they were advocating for the same cause, they were not always on the same page about the means. They were both ministers, although of different faiths, and had different thought processes. In his autobiography, Malcolm discusses his childhood in poverty and the ramifications that this caused such as dropping out of school in the eight-gradeRead MoreMartin Luther King J. And Malcolm X Essay1103 Words   |  5 Pageswere Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. They were both influential leaders of the civil rights movement who strove for a common goal, which was to create equality for African Americans. Although Martin Luther King Jr. and M alcolm X were both authoritative figures in the African-American civil rights movement, they differed significantly in their social backgrounds, religious beliefs, and ideologies, which affected their philosophies. The differences in Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X’s familyRead MoreDifferences Between Martin Luther King and Malcolm X Essay805 Words   |  4 PagesDuring the 1960’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X represented two sides of the Civil Rights Movement. Speaking to all of humanity, Dr. King made these famous peaceful words, â€Å"I have a dream, a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: â€Å"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal† (King, 1963, para 10). Malcolm X spoke of a violent revolution by claiming, â€Å"If it’s necessary to form a Black Nationalist army, we’llRead MoreMartin Luther King J. And Malcolm X Essay1547 Words   |  7 Pagesconflict between African Americans and whites in the United States which led to discrimination and disorder in the states. African Americans were fortunate to have outstanding leaders who fought for a differenc e and change during the Civil Rights movement. Both Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X were two powerful individuals who gave hope to African Americans and oppressed people in the United States. They are both well known individuals for their Civil Rights protesting. Martin Luther King Jr. andRead MoreMartin Malcolm : A Dream Or A Nightmare951 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Martin Malcolm America Peace† If one man never steps forward to show all the others that change is possible, nothing will ever change. When you look back at history of the American civil rights movement, Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. are still often two of the first names even someone of today’s society may think of. They were, and still are, some of the most influential men to ever live. As young African-American men living during a time of harsh global, but most importantlyRead MoreEssay Philosophies and Tactics of Dr. King and Malcolm X1492 Words   |  6 Pagesminorities. Among them, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X had an everlasting effect on the treatment of minorities in the United States. Although their philosophies and tactics differed greatly, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X helped shape the Civil Rights Movement and make the United States a better place for people regardless of their race. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X had different beliefs and goals for the Civil Rights Movement. While Martin Luther King Jr. took a more peacefulRead More Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. Essay1481 Words   |  6 PagesMalcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  African Americans are fortunate to have leaders who fought for a difference in Black America. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X are two powerful men in particular who brought hope to blacks in the United States. Both preached the same message about Blacks having power and strength in the midst of all the hatred that surrounded them. Even though they shared the same dream of equality for their people, the tactics they implied to make these dreamsRead MoreMartin Luther King Jr. vs. Malcolm X997 Words   |  4 PagesMartin Luther King Jr. vs. Malcolm X Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X both fought for the same goal, but had different ways of achieving this goal. They both fought against civil rights and were leaders in the civil rights movement. The way they were brought up is a good explanation for their differences; King was brought up in a wealthy family, while X was raised in the ghetto to a poor family. Both fought against unfair laws, Social Discrimination, and Racial segregation, but theyRead MoreMartin Luther King Vs Malcolm X1436 Words   |  6 PagesSelene Sandoval Professor Solheim History 108 CRN # 20244 16 October 2016 Martin Luther King VS Malcolm X Ronald Regan once said: â€Å"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.† In fact, American history has had a great deal of leaders that brought change by improving the lives of others. These leaders introduced new ideas, models, and theories to

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Theme Of Sexism In The Thousand And One Nights - 1579 Words

The book, The Thousand and One Nights, is an intriguing story. It has one overarching story with several other stories being told by the various characters of the main storyline. However, behind this main story arc and the several other minor story arcs, lies a common theme, sexism. Several of the male characters in The Thousand and One Nights display their sexism in the way they act and think, and even the main female character of the story, Shahrazad, on the surface level, encourages this way of thinking through her storytelling to King Shahrayar. One would think that given Shahrazad’s relations with the king, she would try in someway to dissuade the misogynistic king from his line of thinking. However, while appealing to the king’s†¦show more content†¦It is important to consider the following: Why exactly does King Shahrayar hold the views of women that he does? His sexist views actually stem from his brother, Shahzaman. While Shahzaman was preparing for hi s journey to visit his brother, he walked in on his wife engaging in sexual intercourse with a kitchen boy. This threw Shahzaman into a rage and he ended up killing his wife and the boy. He states the following, â€Å"I am still here, and this is what she has done when I was barely outside the city. How will it be and what will happen behind my back when I go to visit my brother in India? No. Women are not to be trusted† (Heller-Roazen, 6). Shahzaman can be seen here placing this mistrust that came from his wife onto all women. This is an extremely dangerous to do because it becomes the reason for why King Shahrayar ends up killing a myriad of women after the discovery of his own wife’s adultery. The king follows in his brother’s line of thinking when he says, â€Å"‘O God, O God! There is no power and no strength, save in God the Almighty, the Magnificent. ‘Great is a women’s cunning’† (Heller-Roazen, 11). King Shahrayar also pl aces a negative view onto all women, and this is where his misogyny begins. He places this view that all women and cunning and tricksters, and to ensure that he is never tricked again, he kills every woman that he sleeps with after just one night. The whole kingdom is made alert to what the king is doingShow MoreRelatedSummary of the Merchant and the Demon from the Arabian Nights641 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿The first nights story in Arabian Nights is that of the Merchant and the Demon. Told by Shahrazad, the story offers a remarkable parallel to her own situation as she faces immanent death. Thus, the story of the Merchant and the Demon is told as a parable within the frame story, presenting a poignant analogy for Shahrazads own situation. The Merchant and the Demon is a short tale but one filled with themes such as power, guilt, justice, and moral responsibility. Through the clever analogy withRead MoreDiscrimination Is A Dominant Theme Within The Film Of Kill A Mockingbird By H arper Lee1342 Words   |  6 Pageswith expectations and roles that are placed on woman. Finally, the coloured community within the town are segregated and treated unequal to those of whites. Through the elements of social, gender, and racial prejudice, discrimination is a dominant theme within To Kill a Mockingbird. Social discrimination is commonplace, the act of the high class poorly treating the lower class, or alienating those who are different. This attitude and deed are widespread throughout the novel in several ways. The Cunningham’sRead More The Club Culture Essay1354 Words   |  6 PagesThe Club Culture The club culture-hundreds of thousands of young people across the country, covered in sweat and rhythmically throbbing to a beat- has long been filled with stigmas and stereotypes; the idea that hip-hop music is only for people of African descent, or solely for the impoverished youth as Dale Kleinschmidt, an ex-DJ and amateur break dancer from Dallas, puts it, has been a common view associated with the hip-hop scene by the masses. Dale got interested in break dancing becauseRead MoreThe New South : An Era Of Change1583 Words   |  7 Pagesscathing looks and judgmental remarks, Lena remains resilient and true to her identity throughout her travels. Mr. Armstid meets Lena on the road, offers to to let her stay the night at his home with him and his wife. He notices her confident attitude as she rides with him in his wagon, commenting, Her own self one of the first ones to cut the ground from under a sister woman, she ll walk the public country herself without shame because she knows that folks, menfolks, will take care of her (14). DespiteRead MoreEssay about The Myth of Prometheus in Mary Shelleys Frankenstein2907 Words   |  12 Pagesknowledge and its consequences were first discussed thousands of years ago by the ancient Greeks. The Titan Prometheus bestowed upon mankind the gift of knowledge, but that gift came with a price. In Frankenstein: or, A Modern Prometheus, Mary Shelley brings the ideas of Prometheus into the early 19th century by co-opting three of the central themes of the Prometheus myth—the themes of knowledge with consequence, the underlying sexism within the story of Pandora, and the use of lightningRead MoreOf Mice And Men And The Pearl By John Steinbeck Essay2423 Words   |  10 Pagesdominating over the people weaker than them. Then there are the weaker willed men and women who are constantly belittled by the empowered ones. The novel’s central focus is around two migrant workers, Lennie Small and George Milton. The relationship between George is Lennie is the first demonstration of how a powerful character takes advantage of the weaker one. George speak and treats Lennie very condescending disregarding the fact that he obviously suffers from a mental issue. Through the interactionRead MoreAlice Malsenior6001 Words   |  25 Pagesschool at the age of four where she was then able to skip two grades up to first grade due to her intellectual potential (Bates, Alice Walker: A Critical Companion). Though it may seem like Alice’s father was unorthodox, Willie was â€Å"blind to his own sexism.† He believed that the traditional role of women was to t ake care of the house as well as the children. Due to his opinion on the limits of being a women, Alice’s relationship with her father declined over time and was even reflected upon in someRead MoreThe American Dream in Steinbecks Of Mice and Men Essay2971 Words   |  12 Pageshopes. For the American society as a whole the dream ended with the Wall Street crash of 1929. This was the start of the Great Depression that would affect the whole world during the 1930s. However the dream survived for individuals. Thousands made their way west to California to escape from their farmlands in the mid-West. George and Lennie dreamt of their little house and a couple of acres. The growing popularity of cinema was the last American Dream for many. EventuallyRead MoreThe Star Trek Phenomenon1948 Words   |  8 PagesHistory of TV Star Trek The phenomenon that is Star Trek began on September 8, 1966 on NBC. From that night on, America would forever be different. At a point in time where the cowboys were falling from the small screen and science fiction was on the rise. However, there has and never been and will never another be a program as well known as Star Trek. The first time the show aired, it only saw 3 years before NBC canceled the show, and almost 20 years went past before it re-aired in its newRead MoreBob Dylan and Popular Music3164 Words   |  13 Pagesjustice in their hearts, Living vicariously through Bob Dylan’s intense imagery, due to the events unfolding in that period, People latched on to Dylan’s lyrics and imposed their own expression and feeling onto his songs. Bob Dylan was considered one of the greatest influences on popular culture of all time, and though influential, Bob Dylan’s rise to idol status in popular culture was more brought about by historical factors, his life was affected by many historical events including, The Cuban

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The Ruined Dreams Of Mice And Men By John Steinbeck

The Ruined Dreams in Of Mice and Men Many people in today’s society believe that the perfect American dream is comprised of a house on a tree lined street and 2.5 children. People during the Great Depression era had similar dreams, however most of them never came true. The novel, Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, is about two vagrants named George and Lennie, based in the 1930’s. The boys travel from town to town in search for work and ultimately, circumstances lead to Lennie’s death. The characters in the novel all have dreams, many of which come to sad ends. Curley’s wife, did not marry her husband for his looks and love, but instead to try and accomplish her dream of fame, instead she was branded as property and her dreams were never fulfilled. The dead worker, Lennie, dreams of working on the farm with his friend George, his life ending too soon before his dream took flight. Finally, an old man by the name of Candy, dreams of not dying alone, hopes to be with his friends at the time of his passing. Sadly, his dream also, ended. This fact does not only stain the era of the Great Depression, but also for today’s times, for many people’s dreams will never come true. For Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men characters, the American dream is unattainable. Curley’s wife dreams of living the luxurious life of a Hollywood actor. The dream was soon broken by her own death. She can not live her dream because Lennie, a worker on her father-in-law’s farm, snapped her neck. Her dream firstShow MoreRelatedCultures in ‘Of Mice and Men’ by John Steinbeck Essay1491 Words   |  6 PagesJohn Steinbeck (1902 – 1968) was born in Salinas, California, which was also were the book ‘Of Mice and Men’ was set. At the time John Steinbeck introduced the book ‘Of Mice and Men’, money was a really big issue. This time was known as the ‘Great Slump’, also known as, the Great Depression. John Steinbeck had experience of life, as a farm labourer and could be why he chooses to tell the story about George Milton and Lennie Smalls, two ranchmen in Americas South West The story opens with RanchmenRead MoreA Psychological Analysis of Of Mice and Men Essay1319 Words   |  6 Pagesthrough the lens of psychology. There are multiple approaches to the psychological aspect of literature but the two most recognized are the Freudian and Jungian approach. The best approach to use when critically analyzing the novel Of Mice and Men, written by John Steinbeck, is the Jungian approach. Because the novel’s main theme is a struggle with the idea of â€Å"self†, using this approach allows the reader to understand the main character, its influences, and ultimately his actions. The Jungian approachRead MoreAnalysis Of John Steinbeck s Of Mice And Men 1079 Words   |  5 PagesTitle: Of Mice and Men 1. Significance of Title: The title, â€Å"Of Mice and Men† comes from a phrase in the poem To a Mouse On Turning up in Her Nest with the Plough by Robert Burns. The second to last stanza contains the line, â€Å"the best schemes o’ Mice an’ Men/ Gang aft agley† contains the phrase John Steinbeck based the title for the novel. The poem is similar to the book in that George, Lennie, and the mouse all have a goal that involves months of dedicated work. However, the plough and suddenRead MoreExplore The Ways That John Steinbeck Presents Strong Feelings1026 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Explore the ways that John Steinbeck presents strong feelings/attitudes in Of Mice And Men. A strong attitude portrayed in the novel is Racism. John Steinbeck uses the character Crooks in order to represent racism and what it was like for the black community during the Great Depression. The ranchmen and Curleys wife all display racist attitudes towards Crooks, for example in chapter four Curleys Wife says Well you just keep your place then, Nigger. I could get you strungRead MoreTheme Of Foreshadowing In Of Mice And Men961 Words   |  4 PagesIn â€Å"Of Mice and Men† there is foreshadowing used, but where? How does Steinbeck use foreshadowing in â€Å"Of Mice and Men?† foreshadowing means to give hints to future events. Foreshadowing in â€Å"Of Mice and Men† is shown through these 4 things with: Allusion to the Poem, Lennie’s obsession,The American Dream,and the Parallel between the Death of Candy’s dog and Lennie. John Steinbeck uses foreshadowing by alluding the poem To a Mouse. In the poem To a Mouse† it qoutes â€Å"You need not to start away soRead MoreJohn Steinbeck s Of Mice And Men767 Words   |  4 PagesJohn Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men is a classic among American literature and is regarded as an important novel in American literature. It is an effective novel that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat as it goes through The Great Depression with George and Lennie and their dream of owning a farm and how it is tragically ruined. One of the most important topics of the novel is loneliness and how it affects characters in the book. Loneliness affects the characters by their happiness and theirRead MoreThe Nature Of Dreams In John Steinbecks Of Mice And Men1073 Words   |  5 Pagesnew life. That life was a dream that would grant success, freedom, and happiness. Immigrants came to America for themselves or for their families. Many came to escape persecution or povert y in their homeland. In essence, this is similar to the theme The Nature Of dreams in John Steinbecks dramatic novella Of Mice And Men and is proposed throughout in many ways to signify that dreams aren’t always going to happen. Throughout Steinbecks novella, the theme The Nature Of Dreams is presented by GeorgeRead MoreOf Mice and Men - Crooks and Curleys Wife721 Words   |  3 Pagesoutcasts in a typical community. John Steinbeck shows the reader this in his novella, â€Å"Of Mice and Men.† Steinbeck uses the characters of Crooks and Curley’s wife to display that although one character is a black male and the other, a white woman, they still have similar traits. These factors like discrimination, loneliness and shattered dreams make Crooks and Curley’s wife parallel. Crooks and Curley’s wife suffer from discrimination around the ranch. Steinbeck expresses discrimination, or prejudiceRead MoreMan Vs Nature Vs Of Mice And Men1265 Words   |  6 Pagesthese types of conflicts show the struggle people have to go succeed a goal, dream or just to survive. In the poem â€Å"Ode to a Mouse† by Robert Burns and the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, both authors use the literary element, Conflict to show the struggles of the characters. In California during the Great Depression, Lennie Small and George Milton are two ranch workers going from job to job with the dream of saving enough money to purchase their own land to â€Å"live on the fatta theRead MoreHow Does Steinbeck Present Attitudes To Women In His Novel, Of Mice and Men1076 Words   |  4 PagesJohn Steinbeck uses different methods to present Curley’s Wife and women in the 1930s. Throughout the novella Steinbeck represents women to be lower in society than men. In the novella women only have three different roles. A wife, an aunt and prostitutes. Steinbeck uses these roles to show the roles of women in society. Curley’s wife, Aunt Clara and Susy and Clara from the cathouse represent he microcosm of the women in American society. The first woman that Steinbeck describes in the book is Lennie’s

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Accounting and the Control of Energy Costs Control and Reduction

Question: Discuss about theAccounting and the Control of Energy Costs for Control and Reduction. Answer: Accountants plays an important role in accounting and controlling energy costs. Via the environmental management accounting, accountants ensure reduced environmental impacts caused by the energy on the environment to reduce such costs. Since environmental impacts have such business costs as consuming raw materials and utilizing utilities like energy (Schulze. and Heidenreich 2017). The accountants use the standard accounting methods in the identification, analysis, managements as well as reducing these energy costs in a manner that can benefit both the environment and business. Accountants use environmental management accounting in the identification of additional issues like noncompliance, negative public relations as well as safety and health issue relating to the energy production cost. The accountants have direct interest in the control and reduction of energy cost as well as increasing profits. They monitor, measure as well as control these costs. They also manage info systems to have accurate and reliable outputs. They also identify and plan financial budgets for the energy project improvements and help in the formulation and implementation of cost-saving strategies. They also have a role to provide highly considered advice to energy sector stakeholders. This issue should be considered as one of the key issues in environmental and social accounting because it falls under the environmental management accounting thereby offering the opportunity for the accountants to develop the services offered over and above traditional central activities. The issue also requires two social and environmental accounting-attached skills. It requires skills in costing and investment appraisals. Costing skills enable to determine the environmental costs of energy for effective allocation to manage and set prices at appropriate levels. Skills in investment appraisals of energy products ensure all environmental costs are considered to control and reduce energy costs. The issue needs to be addressed now because both environmental and social costs associate with energy is rising and without being controlled and reduced, there will be no sustainability. With the increase demand for energy, costs have been shooting and hence accountants must play their role to control and reduce these costs at as soon as possible. These issues have substantial implications for the accounting profession as well as society and community. For the accounting profession, these issues have ensured that more emphasis are shifted to gain skills that help accountants and financial staff to adapt their prevailing skills alongside usual job responsibilities to assist energy sector businesses deal with the environmental and social issues (Brown, Henze and Milford 2017). To the community and society, it helps them to be protected from damages linked to social and environmental costs arising from energy production. References Brown, K.E., Henze, D.K. and Milford, J.B., 2017. How accounting for climate and health impacts of emissions could change the US energy system. Energy Policy, 102, pp.396-405. Schulze, M. and Heidenreich, S., 2017. Linking energy-related strategic flexibility and energy efficiencythe mediating role of management control systems choice. Journal of Cleaner Production, 140, pp.1504-1513.